Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Cocoon - take the years off you

Beauty product made from silk cocoons contain the silk protein Sericin, a compound filled with amino acids that are very similar to those found in your skin, Sericin amino acids are often extracted from silk and then used in anti-aging moisturisers.
When you use our steam sterilised unrefined cocoons, Sericin is released like a protective anti-wrinkle serum whilst the textured surface of the cocoon will gently exfoliate and stimulate the epidermis to help balance your skin. Woop! Woop! Good skin!
The cocoons fit neatly on to the end of the fingertip. Dampen with water and apply, also use to exfoliate and smooth the facial pores. You can tone and moisturise afterwards if you wish
From Holistic Silk

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