Sunday, 2 August 2009


Salt and pepper shakers based on original Lego LEGO® minifigures. The best bit is you can mix and match so the beardy one can look startled and the el moustachio can looked pensive/slimy/peeved! Get a shaking if you are over the age of 5 (as advised on box).

LEGO® minifigures kitchen scales. Suitable for chefs and gourmands who like a bit of humour when indulging in sous vide-ing and sautéeing. Alternatively suitable for the seriously dodgy wheeler-dealers who only sell large amounts eg. Kate Middleton's uncle Gary Goldsmith of "La Maison de Bang Bang." which you can read yet another glorious scoop from New's of the World's Mazher Mahmood, web-link is New's of the World Miyo Wada wants!

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