Sunday, 15 August 2010

Net worth

Love these Net box Cabinets by Patricia Urquiola as spotted at the Molteni & C stand in the Rho Fiera in April's Salone in Milan 2010. Slightly too ubiquitous Urquiola used a technique used for roof-panels in shops. The metal is stretched and laser cut to take away the illusion of weight when using metal. Not only clever, it looks great. Reminds me of Bottega Veneta and what their furniture should look like rather than the Poltrona Frau-esque conventional stuff their furniture line showcased this year at a showroom that you literally had to have a security pass to get into.
Full Net box, was released in 2009 with a leather upholstery
Miyo Wada's favourite

The upper panel cleverly slides down
Detail shot of the mesh

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